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We Do Mobile. 

Our network of partners, suppliers, and affiliates in Latin America supplies us with lists of opted-in leads you can contact via SMS.

Case Study

You've printed 10,000 coupons with offers for your widget or service - a new chocolate with 10% discount, or a discount on a new CD? But now what? Mail them out to random strangers?

Why not work with us? We can blast millions of customers with your offer first via SMS. If they're interested in receiving your offer, they can respond with their physical address. This will help cut down on your distribution costs, and help you better focus your sales efforts.                                                            


Case Study

As a new cable TV channel, you want to extend a free trial to customers - sign up for 3 months for free, and enjoy your programming, after which the service costs $9.99/month. This is a complicated process of acceptance, and typical mail-outs have a cost of $1.25 per package, with a 1-2% response rate.

Why not work with us first. We can blast millions of customers via SMS first. Those that respond with their address will have a significantly higher response rate 65%+, and your packaging costs will be 1/10!


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